Project Roadmap

The Project Roadmap is a visual overview about the project management methods according the current project management standards and guidelines. A project team can choose the necessary PM-methods for their project in the Practitioner and Professional-Version. Furthermore the project team can get with the visual anchors a better understanding about the project management methods.

Project Raodamp – Practitioner Version – English

Why this web site? (intention and benefit)

„People make projects!?”

The basic intention most of the people is to have a fulfilled life in happiness. That’s why the competence
to mange the “projects of your life” is essential for your own happiness.

„It does not matter how long you invent – at the end the wheel will be round!” What make your projects much more successful has been already worked out during the last centuries by practical project work and scientific research.

Why your should not use this experience and know how to manage your projects successful and
increase daily your life quality and life work balance?

We have collected worldwide project management best practice. Now these methods and tools are fast accessible visualized.

That is helpful for you to become much more successful with your Projects. So you can contribution to an happy society and you can help to realize the long term survival of our planet.

Happy projects.

The project roadmap team

„There is no alternative to permanent innovation“ René Obermann

Knowledge and experience basis in project management is developing every day.
As an registered user we will inform you regularly (approximately two times a year) about new findings and versions of Project Roadmap. On this way we will develop the competence to practice project management worldwide together with you.

Open / Free Culture 2.0

Because of Web 2.0 technologies it is possible to share, project management know how (uncoupled to product know how of project object) in virtual rooms worldwide multiculturaly. You can invite people to cooperate and search for interaction to others (peers). Thereby will be created an atmosphere of an positive transmission effect within the innovation process, the professionalization and know how enlargement in project management for all communicating parties. (Deutsche Bank Research: study: The digital society – New ways to more transparency, participation )

Project-Roadmap | Projekt-Atlas „Professional Version“

For the experienced project leader or project team member the detailed overview called „Professional Version“ has been created.

Projekt-Atlas | Project-Roadmap Professional Raimo Hübner
Project Roadmap Professional Version

The Project Roadmap Summary

To have the opportunity to use all at present existing project management knowledge and experience overviews, we have created 2011 first time an A3-binder with all current available projekt roadmaps and knowledge overviews for project work.

Interactive Web-App

Projekt-Atlas Web-App | Project-Roadmap Raimo Hübner
Projekt-Atlas Web-App | Project-Roadmap Raimo Hübner

Multilingual versions

Project Roadmap – Projakt-Atlas | English – German

Persian نقشه راه پروژه (Fārsī – فارسی) – Project Roadmap | Persian – English